Audio Visual Services

Design Events offers a full service Audio/Visual department.  We can provide professional “State of the Art” sound and lighting, as well as High-Definition visual projection and display technologies.

With Its team of qualified A/V technicians, Design Events offers the perfect solution to all your audio/visual needs.

Here are some of the A/V services offered:

Front or Rear Video Projection for any size room.
-High lumens for bright images & video
-Boardroom to Ballroom sizes

Large or small screens for your projection needs.
-Elevated & Skirted

Various size LCD displays.
-DVD & VHS playback
-Game Consoles etc.

Stage Lighting, Theme Lighting & Accent Lighting.
-Paper lanterns
-Bistro lights
-Custom gobo projection
-LED lighting with low heat & limited energy needs

Sound systems for voice presentation, live or recorded music.
-Wireless systems
-Sound for computer presentations
-High quality audio systems for intelligible sounding lectures or seminars

-Various stage sizes
-Custom stage sets
-Stage backdrops

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